Democrats Harming War Effort

I’m extremely frustrated with most Democrats in the U.S. House and Senate right now. Their lack of funding for our troops and their insistence on setting what amounts to a timetable for surrender is just wrong. Democrats cannot truly support our troops when then refuse to fund our military for weeks during wartime, write toothless […]

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Some Thoughts on the Long War Against Radical Islam

I’ve been very frustrated with recent developments on the domestic and foreign policy scene involving the Democratic leadership in Congress who is seeking to micro-manage the War and weaken the President. Their actions give reason for our enemies to hope for another day to fight. I am also concerned about the weak responses of some

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Iran is Fishing in Troubled Waters

Vice President Cheney recently described Iran as fishing in troubled waters. Everyday new revelations seem to support this assertion. Over the weekend additional information on mass-produced “explosively formed penetrators” (EFPs) was released that seem to show that a direct link of support is being provided to insurgents in Iraq from high-ranking officials in the Iranian

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