Iran is Fishing in Troubled Waters

Vice President Cheney recently described Iran as fishing in troubled waters. Everyday new revelations seem to support this assertion. Over the weekend additional information on mass-produced “explosively formed penetrators” (EFPs) was released that seem to show that a direct link of support is being provided to insurgents in Iraq from high-ranking officials in the Iranian government. (And I’ve said nothing about all the “wipe Israel off the map” Iranian retoric and their nuclear doublespeak.)

If these allegations are proven and it is indeed found that Iranian actions are leading to the death of American troops then what should be done, I ask? Is our government obligated to protect our troops from other enemies as well? By all means, yes.

I believe there is a direct link between Iran and the insurgency in Iraq. Any nation who seems to make “death to America” their national moto is probably actively looking for ways to kill Americans both now and in the future. I feel these actions are acts of war that must be addressed before more Americans die at their hands.

I am glad the President has sent another carrier group (the USS John Stennis) to the region. As a reported by British news sources (The Guardian, 2/10), there are other preparations (including more Patriot missiles and minesweepers sent to the region) being undertaken that could indicate President Bush is preparing for a possible military confrontation. (I have zero confidence in a diplomatic solution under Iran’s current leadership.)

It is encouraging to see a President who does his Constitutional job and protects our interests and our troops in harms way by providing more resources for their defense. It stands in stark contrast to another President who almost 30 years ago seriously dropped the ball on Iran, a grave shortcoming which made these events possible today. President Carter’s weekness at that crucial time emboldened our enemies to later attempt multiple attacks that ultimately brought us into this War now.

Let us be bold now and address the needs at hand before they grow into a radioactive mushroom cloud delivered by an Iranian missile.

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