Government Regulations: Full Speed Ahead!

Veronique de Rugy asks some compelling questions while discussing some alarming figures relating to the expansion of government regulations in “Why do we have excess regulation, and can we get rid of it?” We have a problem, de Rugy points out, because there is no incentive not to regulate:

As a general rule, the main incentive faced by regulatory agencies is to produce more and more regulations. They have no incentives to even make sure that these regulations are needed, appropriately addressing a problem, or not causing more harm than good. The result is more and more regulations.

In fact, this article points out that over the period analyzed, there was the equivalent of a new regulation enacted every 2 hours and 33 minutes. In 2013 there have been 3,186 new regulations published so far and the year isn’t over yet!

This is madness. Where in the Constitution is Congress allowed to create regulatory agencies that can bypass the people (and Congress) and create what rules having the force of law? Does anyone in Congress care? For that matter, does Congress even care that the Executive Branch now essentially holds all power except funding (and that doesn’t seem far away)?

It seems as long as they get paid and can live their lavish lifestyles funded by “we the people” most in Congress won’t rock the boat. When will “we the people” wake up and rock them out of the boat and put new leaders in place to dismantle this madness? What think you?

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