Democrats Harming War Effort

I’m extremely frustrated with most Democrats in the U.S. House and Senate right now. Their lack of funding for our troops and their insistence on setting what amounts to a timetable for surrender is just wrong.

Democrats cannot truly support our troops when then refuse to fund our military for weeks during wartime, write toothless resolutions and pass a cowardly “surrender funding” bill they know the President will veto. When most national Democrats say they support our troops they are simply lying. Just look at how they have been publicly (mis)treating and bad talking our war efforts using news media outlets at home and abroad.

And who ever heard of this ridiculous notion of setting a date certain to leave a war zone when the war is still being fought? That’s ludicrous and absurdly weak. I can think of no precedent in world history for such lame actions. It speaks volumes on their lack of resolve to protect this nation from radical Islamic terrorists.

These spineless actions by most of the Democrats in Congress, especially those in leadership and all Democratic Presidential candidates, brings me to a list of things that should never be done while at war.

  • Never, ever, ever give up — study Winston Churchill if you need to learn more about doing this in the face of strong opposition.
  • Never, ever, ever give your enemy anything to hope for — especially that they might actually survive to see the day you leave.
  • Never, ever, ever show any weakness — stay on the offensive and overwhelm constantly and decisively.
  • Never, ever, ever hold back — stand ready to crush the enemy at all times using all strategies at your disposal.
  • Never, ever, ever divulge information that can be used against you — don’t publicize your strategy, your timetable, or any options that are not on the table.
  • Always give your troops the best — the best support, equipment, vision, honor, and anything that helps them win.

There is no substitute for victory. Any war that we enter must be won decisively. We should not enter a war with any other intentions. Peace should be maintained through a wise strategy of building allies and stockpiling strength.

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