Achieving Victory is the Best Support for Our Troops

Many, especially Democrats, are fond of saying they don’t support the War in Iraq but they do support our troops. That statement, my friend, is an oxymoron. One cannot truly support our troops when one doesn’t actually support what they are doing.

I support our troops and their mission. I too, like so many others, wish for their speedy return. But I want them to come home in glorious triumph when their job is finished and undisputed victory has been achieved. As General Douglas MacArthur stated of a previous war, there can be no substitute for victory.

As MacArthur argued then, we must act today: As a nation we must define victory and pursue it relentlessly. I am convinced this war will ultimately be won by the side who demonstrates the most resolve.

I am deeply disturbed by a majority of Democrats in Congress who persistently call for a pullout from Iraq without even mentioning victory. Where is their resolve? Where is their pursuit of victory? How are they providing for our defense with such actions? How does this honor those who already gave life and limb for this worthy cause?

As Americans, let us be bold and stand firm in this long war without wavering. Let us see it through to victory wherever it may take us. Let us pursue the enemy relentlessly so that he cannot pursue us even for a moment. Let us use every weapon in our disposal. And let us never forget to honor and support those who do the dirty work for us preserving our freedom and our very lives.

May God bless our troops and America.

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