Graphic Depiction of Inefficient Government “Work”

Someone emailed me this image yesterday. It is entitled “Government Snow Plow” and includes the caption “Designed by the same people designing the health care reform” below the image. I think this picture cleverly depicts the often staggeringly inefficient results of non-market-based interventions within our economy. Over time a truly […]

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Beware, American Banks Are Being Nationalized

Beware, the Obama Administration is trying to bypass Congress and nationalize the United States banking system! This unconstitutional scheme is being done through financial maneuvering efforts that don’t make sense to most of us. In short, the Obama Administration is seeking to convert government loans into equity stakes of common […]

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20 Solutions for the American Economy in 2009

American Solutions, in partnership with the Nationwide Tea Party Coalition, is sponsoring nationwide Tax Day Tea Parties for April 15, 2009. The purpose is to “communicate our anger and opposition to the irresponsible policies of politicians in Washington who have failed to solve problems.” American Solutions continues: “More importantly however, […]

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