Barack Obama

Reprint: Yes, With Obama We Got Change

This article of mine was originally published on PonderPost on April 18, 2009. With the coming relaunch of PonderPost, this post is being republished here so you can see if anything has changed for the better in the past year. I suggest if anything we are much worse off. During […]

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Guest Post: Very Illustrative Videos

This guest post was originally written for PonderPost on May 20, 2009 by Tim Jones. Since PonderPost is being reworked for a new yet-to-be-announced project, Tim let me publish it on Ponderstorm for our readers: I found these videos on Jimmy Akin’s Catholic blog.  They are amazingly good at illustrating […]

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Beware, American Banks Are Being Nationalized

Beware, the Obama Administration is trying to bypass Congress and nationalize the United States banking system! This unconstitutional scheme is being done through financial maneuvering efforts that don’t make sense to most of us. In short, the Obama Administration is seeking to convert government loans into equity stakes of common […]

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