Barack Obama

GOP Convention More Watched than Democratic Convention

I’m sure this shocked many on the left and many in the mainstream media, but the Republican convention was more watched than the Democratic convention AP Television Writer David Bauder reported today. He writes: “The Republican convention was the most-watched convention on television ever, beating a standard set by the […]

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Rant Following Obama’s Acceptance Speech

What follows is kind of a “stream of consciousness” rant based on my reactions from Barack Obama’s Acceptance Speech last night during the Democratic National Convention. After Obama’s speech last night I was very disappointed in him. Honestly, I saw the night as historic and wanted to enjoy the moment […]

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Video on Barack Obama and Tony Rezko’s Connection

Today I watched some video blog commentary by Shawn Collins from on the connection between Barack Obama and the now-convicted-of-fraud-and-money-laundering Tony Rezko.  Shawn offers some great no-spin, easy-to-understand commentary on a few “birds of a feather” who have flocked together with Barack Obama. [youtube][/youtube] Good thoughts, Shawn! See Shawn’s […]

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