June 6, 2008

Video on Barack Obama and Tony Rezko’s Connection

Today I watched some video blog commentary by Shawn Collins from on the connection between Barack Obama and the now-convicted-of-fraud-and-money-laundering Tony Rezko.  Shawn offers some great no-spin, easy-to-understand commentary on a few “birds of a feather” who have flocked together with Barack Obama.


Good thoughts, Shawn! See Shawn’s full article “Barack Obama and Tony Rezko” at

One Comment on “Video on Barack Obama and Tony Rezko’s Connection

Shawn Collins
June 6, 2008 at 3:33 pm

Thanks for the mention, Mike.

I think this election may well be decided by the people, rather than the media.

It’s an exciting time when the country doesn’t have to count on a select group of TV networks and newspapers to filter the news.


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