Reprint: Yes, With Obama We Got Change

This article of mine was originally published on PonderPost on April 18, 2009. With the coming relaunch of PonderPost, this post is being republished here so you can see if anything has changed for the better in the past year. I suggest if anything we are much worse off.

During the Presidential campaign season we heard lots of talk about change. Barack Obama told us he would deliver change and, as President, that is exactly what he is doing. Few would doubt that he’s keeping that promise.

In no particular order, let’s look at some of the changes we’ve seen so far in these first 100 days.

  • Ordered the closure of Gitmo within one year (learn more).
  • Allowed travel and financial transactions to communist Cuba (learn more).
  • Ended harsh interrogation methods for terrorist detainees (learn more).
  • Releases secret Bush Administration documents about methods for handling terrorist prisoners (learn more).
  • Called for nuclear disarmament and an end to nuclear testing (learn more).
  • No longer calls the war against radical Islamic terrorists a “war on terror” (learn more).
  • Allows federal tax dollars to fund embryonic stem cell research (learn more).
  • Reverses the Mexico City policy and lifts the ban on federal funding of foreign abortions (learn more).
  • Speaks at the Catholic Georgetown University but asks them to cover up their Christian symbols (learn more).
  • Declares that the United states is not a Christian nation (learn more).
  • Massively increases spending and doubles the national debt (learn more).
  • Bows to the King of Saudi Arabia (learn more – includes photo & video) but not the Queen of England. [As President, he should not bow to any leader.]
  • Fires the CEO of a private corporation — GM (learn more).
  • Maintains control over banks by refusing the repayment of TARP money (learn more).
  • Buddies up to Venezuelan dictator Hugo Chavez (learn more – see photos below).

Obama & Chavez

Obama & Chavez

I could go on and on with changes we have experienced in the past 3 months. Is this “change we can believe in”? Do you like any of these changes? I wonder if we can survive the other changes Obama has planned for us?

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