Guest Post: Red River Flood

This guest post was originally published on PonderPost on March 29, 2009 by Tim Jones. It is reprinted here with permission due to the changing mission of

I was born and grew up in the Red River valley (that’s Red River of the north) in Breckenridge and Moorhead, Minnesota. As happens every year, the Red River is flooding this valley, as the spring thaw occurs. This year, however, the river is projected to rise higher than ever recorded  (although, recent reports show it will not be as high as projected) – already above the previous record set in 1997.

I still have many friends in this area, although all of my family has since moved out of the region (one due to the fact that she lost her home in the 2006 flood). These floods can be as damaging as a hurricane is to those of us along the Atlantic and Gulf coasts, only these floods occur in freezing cold weather. Please keep these people in your thoughts and prayers, as they fight to save their homes and families.

I do wonder, however, why you don’t hear any reports of WHY the river is cresting so high.

You see, in order to crest at record levels, the snowfall for the previous winter, as well as the depth of the freeze must also have been at record levels to produce so much water as the snow and ice melt.  This in the time of critical “man-made” global warming?  Something doesn’t seem right, here.

Maybe Al Gore has a good explanation for it.  Then again, I doubt it.

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