Spread the Wealth Gone Wild with Obama

The woman speaking in the 26 second video below, Peggy Joseph, is shockingly honest in her thoughts about what a Barack Obama Presidency means to her. Peggy Joseph is convinced that she will not have to worry anymore about putting gas in her car or paying her mortgage because Barack Obama is going to help her. Watch for yourself.


Sadly, Peggy Joseph believed Barack Obama’s spread the wealth thinking and now believes, not in earning more money through work, but in government transfer payments from the “rich” to those with less. This Marxist mentality amounts to legalized stealing. Thanks to Barack Obama’s two-years of campaigning and his promise to give tax cuts to 95% of Americans when only about 65% pay any income taxes, millions of Americans now believe they are entitled to a share of other people’s wealth. Sadly, many of those who currently pay no income taxes now expect a socialistic government check to cover their gas and mortgage.

It’s true, Obama is about change. However, it’s not the kind of change most people think they will be getting. Peggy Joseph is in for a surprise when her government check disappears after there are no more rich people to tax into poverty to pay for her gas and mortgage.

Barack Obama already told us his plan for bankrupting coal power plants. Now with his spread the wealth gone wild way of thinking, a more likely scenario, I fear, will be bankrupting the whole nation.

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