We’re in World War III

It’s time the Western world wakes up and recognizes that we are now fighting World War III. The sad truth, though, is many who should be allies are sitting on the sidelines while the axis of evil feverishly gets stronger by building weapons that could truly disrupt our lives and kill millions within seconds.

Since many barely have a clue about what’s going on, I’ll spell it out plainly. World War III is between the West (and I include Israel in this classification) and Radical Islam. The opening shots were fired in the 1970s and barely anyone noticed. Over the next decades other battles were fought and the West essentially gave ground each time. We saw the fall of Iran to radical elements, the Marine barracks attack in Beirut, the first World Trade Center bombing, the U.S.S. Cole attack, the African embassy attacks, and then 9/11. In each of these cases it was Muslim terrorists attacking Western interests. And in the case of Israel, there were too many wars and homicide bombings on their homeland, civilian populations and military to even mention at this time.

Over the past 30 years thousands of Western civilians and soldiers have died. Yet, from a historical perspective, in the grand scheme of war relatively little has been done to end these attacks for good. The American-led invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq have, in my opinion, reduced the number of attacks on civilian targets by refocusing the enemy on trying to outlast the American military presence. In the case of Israel, they have enjoyed more peace while they have occupied Palestinian and Lebanese territories and personally handled security there (ridding them of terror elements).

But in reality, the bulk of these military moves are only temporary stopgap measures. The truth is we have not killed enough radicals to break their will and put fear in their hearts. And part of the reason for this oversight, in my opinion, is the restraint placed on Western military leaders by their civilian counterparts. In short, American and allied military forces are not being allowed to get all the bad guys simply because civilian leaders don’t have the stomach for the temporary backlash brought on by the carnage of war.

Why is this so? Because our leaders don’t really recognize that we are really fighting World War III. They seem to still think we can negotiate and smart-bomb our way to a clean outcome of containment since this isn’t really a “real” war like the ones against Nazi Germany and the Japanese Empire.

But if you listen to our enemies, it’s very real to them. They want to create an Islamic state in Britain, the United States and beyond. For Israel, they want to wipe them off the map and make the land uninhabitable through nuclear fallout.

Friends, it’s time to wake up and smell the coffee. We are at war. We must win. There can be no restraint and no substitute for unconditional victory. We MUST prevail or we or our children will be forced to live under the curse of sharia law. This is World War III and we must fight it with all the vigor and will that we showed as Americans in winning World War II.

So it’s time to put the world on notice and make them choose sides. We should stop pandering to so-called “moderate” Muslim governments that smile at us and then finance our enemy behind out backs. We should not allow Hugo Chavez to squander the Venezuelan people for his ego trip alliance with Iran’s madman. He should be put on notice that his days are numbered since he is allied with a terrorist on our most-wanted list. He is aiding and abetting the enemy and that makes him the enemy too.

It’s time to formally align ourselves militarily with Israel just as we have with the United Kingdom and other nations. An attack on Israel is an attack on us and vice versa. Let’s work together more closely and openly fight this fight together. It’s time for Europe to end their anti-Israel bias and think about reality. Has Israel ever attacked or even threatened them on their soil as so many radical Muslims have?

Understanding and acknowledgment that we are fighting World War III should produce the changes needed to actually win this long war. It would force us to pour more resources into the fight and let the military do what they do best and that is kill the enemy and break his things. As much as I hate collateral damage and civilian casualties, we can’t be so averse to these things that it leads the enemy to hide among civilians to achieve a safe haven. The enemy must be killed and pushed to exhaustion knowing that their only safety is in surrender and giving up this fight for good.

Let’s fight World War III like we mean it and win!

3 thoughts on “We’re in World War III”

  1. I think it can be argued convincingly that the Cold War was World War III, but that is a whole other kettle of worms.

    You can hardly compare a handful of bombings, however awful, to the Nazi invasions of Poland and Czechoslovakia. Of course, in this case it is the US that invaded two other countries. So who really started this World War, such as it is?

    By the way, Israel had made a full withdrawal from Lebanon as of 2000 until the unpleasantness in summer 2006, which essentially ended with a defeat for Israel. Or at least a lack of victory. Call it what you will.

  2. Unfortunately, I think WWIII is still in the early stages.

    I also would dispute the “handful of bombings” suggestion Echo made. Perhaps some days could be said to have only have a handful of bombings but there has hardly been a day in the Middle East where a bombing hasn’t occurred somewhere. And I’m talking about the past decade.

    Yes, we invaded Iraq. I could argue it was largely to complete what wasn’t finished in the Gulf War (which was in response to Iraq’s invasion of Kuwait). The invasion of Afghanistan was in response to an invasion on our soil by government-sponsored and protected terrorists within that nation.

    As for Israel, their policy has been less than consistent at times. I am concerned that this gives the perception of weakness. Olmert exempted, I think this inconsistent reality has been fostered largely by foreign pressure to pursue diplomatic solutions that simply don’t exist in this region. In the case of Olmert, I think it was due simply to incompetence.

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