Outrage Over Michael Vick Misplaced

It seems to me that there is no shortage of outrage over Michael Vick’s abuse of dogs. Everyday it seems that more people are coming out of the woodwork to add their voice to the uproar against him.

Frankly, I’m glad to see people outraged by wrong. However, I’d rather see this collective outrage focused on different areas of abuse right now. For example, why is there not massive outrage over terrorists who kill our soldiers in Iraq? Why is there not a public outpouring of outrage over child molesters and porn pushers? Why are people not outraged by abortion in general or partial birth abortion specifically?

It seems to me that people want to reserve the hottest part of Hell for Michael Vick while largely ignoring other far worse offenders. From everything I an tell, Michael Vick hurt animals but not people. Yes, he was cruel to dogs and was involved in illegal dogfighting and gambling and I have nothing positive to say about these actions. They were wrong. But to treat him like the scum of the earth when other more dangerous criminals are pampered is just wrong. (For example, where was the public outpouring of outrage over Scott Petersen who barbarically murdered his wife and baby? And there are dozens of other public examples.)

I’d like to see some of the public outrage currently being trained on Michael Vick refocused on bigger problems and bigger culprits. After we have properly addressed the murderous thugs, terrorists and abusers of children in the world, then we can turn our public anger on the Michael Vicks of the world without looking like hypocrites.

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