PonderPicks: Free 5000 Year Leap Audiobook & Constitution Tools

Today’s PonderPicks are for people who want to know more about the founding of the United States of American and our Constitution. They contain free resources that you can use to educate yourself on these vital topics. Please use them and spread the word so others can learn.


The National Center for Constitutional Studies (NCCS) has made their popular 5000 Year Leap book available for download — download The 5000 Year Leap audio book free now. Read by Earl Taylor, Jr., two formats are available for downloading: Windows Media (individual chapters also available in this format) and Apple iPod.

According to W. Cleon Skousen, author of  The 5000 Year Leap: A Miracle That Changed the World, the Founding Fathers shared 28 essential beliefs that provide for the amazing creation and prosperity of our nation. These 28 beliefs made it possible for our nation to enjoy more progress in 200 years than the world had made in the previous 5,000 — which explains the title’s 5,000 year leap. Skousen devotes one chapter to each of these 28 principles.


Also available as a free download from the NCCS is their 2-page Constitution at a Glance (.pdf format) document. This document clearly identifies the various Articles and Sections of the Constitution and references the powers granted and forbidden under each. The Amendments, including the Bill of Rights, are neatly summarized also. Print and/or download your free copy today.


When reading the Constitution, have you ever wondered what “domestic tranquility” means or what “letters of marque and reprisal” are? Well, the NCCS can help you out with their online Constitution of the United States. With a single click this very easy-to-use interactive study tool provides access to dozens of definitions, pronunciation guides, and other details that clearly explain the Constitution.


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