PonderPicks for October 4, 2010

The links below are provided to draw attention to thought-provoking content and resources. Please review each one carefully and critically. Look for ways to improve your political understanding so you can better defend the principles of liberty and freedom.


The Independent Institute created the Government Cost Calculator at MyGovCost.org. This easy-to-use online tool lets you see how much damage the federal government’s massive spending has done to you personally. This tool calculates your lifetime cost estimate (in total taxes you will owe) and then compares that figure to the earnings that would be possible if you had been able to invest those funds privately. The Government Cost Calculator can also break down your total future tax burden by categories of spending to see how much certain items like the recent stimulus and bailouts are costing you personally.


Joseph Sobran’s 1998 article “Are You a Marxist?” brings up some very important points about the subtleties of Marxist though and their impact on our government. Here is a compelling quote to get you started:

Funny how you can exempt yourself from the crimes of Marxism by adding the prefix neo. A neo-Nazi isn’t usually regarded as a higher life form than a regular old Nazi, but a neo-Marxist is supposed to be unrelated to the folks who gave the world the gulag, the reeducation camp, and the vast boneyards of Siberia, China, and Cambodia.


In “Prepare for Betrayal,” Llewellyn H. Rockwell Jr. offers some thoughts on the 2010 elections relating to the anger within the country against an out-of-control federal government. Rockwell discusses how the system tends to corrupt people. He also expresses concern regarding certain intellectual aspects of the Tea Party movement and argues that as a loose-knit group it does not have a “coherent view of liberty.”


The views espoused by the above referenced sources are not necessarily those advocated by PonderPost or held by PonderPost editors. Please share your response to this information below or contact us with your suggestions for future PonderPicks.

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