PonderPicks: Free Social Media Resources for Political Outreach

As the printing press was to our nation’s Founders, the Internet is to millions of patriots today. Facebook, Twitter, and the Internet’s other social media platforms offer an incredible array of innovative tools. These tools enable anyone to freely reach out and touch potentially millions of people. In short, social media has become a powerful political outreach tool for conservative activists.

The PonderPicks below highlight several free social media political action guides produced by American Majority, an organization dedicated to encouraging conservatives to get involved within the political system. Beginning with the local level of government, American Majority supports limited government and free markets and seeks to energize citizens to bring about political change. One way to effectively produce change is through effective online communication — especially that involving social media.


Twitter is a real-time information network that lets people share brief messages freely around the world. It is useful for instantly breaking news, making announcements, and spreading links to articles, blog posts, videos, photos, and other online material. American Majority produced a special 41 page free guide that covers the basics of Twitter, “tweeting,” and how to use this social media tool effectively for political activism. You can download “Twittivism: Guide to Twitter and Activism” for free.


Another wildly popular and free social media tool is Facebook. Hundreds of millions of people worldwide use Facebook daily to keep in touch and share information with each other. Facebook makes it easy to share comments, videos, articles, blogs, and other resources with others. Because Facebook also provides a wealth of free communication and support tools for groups, many political organizations and candidates are using this social media tool in lieu of establishing a web site. Others create a Facebook “fan page” or integrate their website with Facebook to benefit from the free social tools available.

American Majority has created a free 28 page FacebookĀ  Guide to assist with setting up a Facebook profile and an organization fan page. Download your copy of American Majority’s free beginner’s guide for Facebook now and learn how you can use Facebook to expand your political outreach efforts.


There are other American Majority Guides designed with conservative political activists in mind. One powerful tool is the press release. Designed to be easy to use, American Majority’s free press release template establishes the framework and information needed to create professional releases that you can send to various media outlets.

Another online tool used for political activism are wikis which are simply websites that the public is allowed (and encouraged) to edit. Probably the most popular wiki in the world is Wikipedia which is an online encyclopedia that rivals the Encyclopedia Britannica in scope and accuracy. Three political wikis recommended by American Majority and available for public editing are Sunshine Review, Ballotpedia, and Judgepedia.


Engage our culture and exercise your liberty through the social media resources referenced above. Encourage others to support the American ideals of limited government, personal responsibility, and free markets. Please follow PonderPost via Twitter and like PonderPost on Facebook. Please share your insights relating to this information below or contact us with your suggestions for future PonderPicks.

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