2001 Interview: Obama Really Wants to Redistribute Wealth

The recording below contains a stunning admission by Barack Obama regarding the redistribution of wealth. It seems he is not arguing about whether we should or should not redistribute wealth but how best to do it. The recording is taken from a 2001 interview segment with the Odyssey radio program on WEBZ (91.5 FM) in Chicago. At that time Obama was an Illinois state senator from the 13th district and a senior lecturer in the Law School at the University of Chicago.

Please listen to this 4:17 audio segment and notice how Obama laments that the Warren Court was not that radical and failed to bring about redistributive change. He also said he was “not optimistic about bringing about major redistributive change through the courts.” He does seem to think that it can be done legislatively, though, as an administrative function. Note his lack of opposition to the idea of wealth redistribution by government. Contrary to that, he seems to wholeheartedly support that notion.


Unfortunately the above recording contains just snippets of Obama’s redistribution of wealth statements. Does anybody know where a recording of the rest of the interview can be found?

My thoughts on this: Barack Obama is a radical with Marxist underpinnings. His recent past (as late as this year in some cases) associations with radicals of similar stripes suggests to me that he is very comfortable and sympathetic with these viewpoints. Furthermore, his lack of outrage at being linked to these individuals is telling. If there were truly no association then why does he not take offense that people suggest there is? Most people would be very angry if somebody wrongly connected them to unsavory individuals such as a domestic terrorist (Ayers), a slumlord (Rezko), a racist and anti-American preacher (Wright), and other radicals and radical groups (Pfleger, ACORN, etc.). Obama’s tepid response and measured denials to such linkages suggests he is hiding a real relationship and camaraderie with them.

Updated: And on top of the above noted problems, less than two weeks ago Obama again reiterated his wealth redistribution goals. At that time he told the now famous ‘Joe the Plumber’ he wanted to “spread the wealth around.” There’s no question an Obama Presidency would mean change; however, it would be a very bad kind of change for America.

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