A Dancing Horse Worth Seeing

Sometimes people amaze me with their talents. This time it’s a horse that amazes me. It’s from the WEG2006 Freestyle Dressage Final Performance of Andreas Helgstrand on Blue Hors Matine. It’s stunning to watch — it’s a horse dancing gracefully.  I don’t know any other way to put it.


2 thoughts on “A Dancing Horse Worth Seeing”

  1. Mrs. J.F. Reinsch III

    Wow, what a horse! Amazing makes me miss My Beautiful Arabian Mare Prince’s Tarra, I lost her May of 2006! She’s in Heaven with My Beloved husband I lost both of them with in nine months of each other:(

    But Blue Hors Matine WOW, Beautiful I could watch her all day, the love between them horse & Andrea Helgstrand SHOWS just like My Beautiful Tarra.

    Wish I could come see them in November but no way could I afford it with losing both my husband and my mare but I will say lots and lots of prayers for these two!


    Mrs. J.F. Reinsch III

  2. Just superb!!! Having ridden dressage at lower levels on a $700 backyard horse for 5 years .. this effort by Andreas and Matine make me want to rewind and start over again. I think Americans would appreciate dressage more ifthey could see it set to music – like figure skating – the impact on the audience in part is the music as well as the skating. BUT all in all, I have never seen the likes of Andreas and Matine – a miracle for sure.

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