A McCain/Huckabee or Huckabee/McCain Ticket?

I’ve been thinking about the Presidential primary elections so far and it seems that John McCain has gained some momentum after his narrow South Carolina victory over Mike Huckabee. That gives McCain two solid first-place finishes and some other good showings as well. Huckabee has done very well also with a strong first place finish in Iowa and some impressive double-digit performances in other states including a close second in South Carolina.

Looking at how both of these two men have campaigned — especially with respect towards one another — and how their strengths are perceived by many, I see some potential synergies with them working together. Here are some of them.

  • McCain has vast foreign policy knowledge and experience that Huckabee lacks while Huckabee has almost 10 years of chief executive experience that McCain lacks.
  • McCain attracts the votes of independents and the national security wing of the Republican Party while Huckabee is strong with values voters.
  • Both are known as mavericks within their party and could not be labeled as part of “the Establishment.”
  • Both would not be perceived Washington insiders.
  • McCain attracts older voters while Huckabee attracts younger ones in droves.
  • On the issue of life, both have lifelong pro-life records.
  • Both support gun rights.
  • Both are known for being honest communicators and getting things done.
  • Both are proponents of change and change seems to be the buzzword of the moment.

While I’m not sure anyone will get their ideal candidate elected this year, I think a team made up of these two men could end up being the winning ticket. I feel that together they would produce needed change and are well-suited for the task of keeping a liberal out of the Oval Office.

Any thoughts on this?

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