Video Montage Contrasting Reagan with Big Government Democrats

This 2 minute 18 second video vividly highlights massive differences between the more limited government positions of President Reagan and those of the Democratic Party leadership in Washington today. Watch and see who is really for the people and who is fighting for special interests benefits under big government.

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Differences Between Democrats & Republicans, Liberals & Conservatives, Obama & McCain

I regularly read Obama 2.0 and just learned of some very interesting commentary by the talented founder of Macho Sauce Productions Alfonzo (Zo) Rachel. In his own words, Zo is a “musician, martial artist, amateure movie makin’, Christian conservative republican.” His latest video is entitled 1 More B4 11 04 […]

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NRCC Video Exposes Democrats on Fannie & Freddie Failures

Yesterday the NRCC (National Republican Congressional Committee) released a new web video showing why Democrats, in their own words, are responsible for the failure of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. Interestingly, conservative Internet broadcast network called this video “awesome.” I appreciate the video and think it’s a great start. […]

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