Introducing PonderPost for Guest Bloggers

From time to time people have asked me if I would be interested in publishing some guest blog posts on Ponderstorm. I liked the idea so much that I created a sister-blog for such articles. I’ve called this new blog PonderPost and it’s designed to serve and promote multiple-authors with the “Pithy Ponderings of Perspicacious Persons.” We’ll hopefully roll things out officially early next week with our first new article on PonderPost.

If you are a Ponderstorm reader and are interested in doing some guest writing then please contact me. Writers may write under their own name or a pseudonym. I only ask for quality writers with original, thought-provoking posts that are well-reasoned and and not knee-jerk reactions. Writers do not need to commit to a fixed writing schedule — weekly or even monthly posting is welcomed. Please note that I don’t pay for posts on this blog.

I’m working on providing a unique author page and photo (or avatar) complete with a bio for each writer. Articles will be the property of PonderPost but full credit will be given to the author of each article.

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