Prediction: Economic News Will Be Reported More Positively After January 20

There is no question that most of the mainstream media is swooning over President-Elect Barack Obama. I find it sad that so many of them can’t even muster a positive word about President Bush — remember, against stunning odds, he has successfully kept terrorists on the run for 7 years now. Meanwhile, the blame-Bush crowd has been filling the news with negative economic data and slanted stories in an attempt to bury him.

With this in mind, I offer the following prediction. Within 24 hours, I predict there will be a noticeable reduction in the amount of negative economic news reported. In fact, I expect we will actually see some positive headlines and success stories. I also predict that virtually all negative economic news that remains over the next few years will be wrongly associated with Bush. Meanwhile, sweeping parallels to FDR will be made of Obama (and, oddly enough, they may be warranted since FDR actually prolonged the Great Depression due to his tax and spending policies).

So, while I am hopeful of a good Presidency for Obama and wish him (not most of his policies) well personally, I am realistic in knowing this nation faces a liberal onslaught that will be unlike anything ever seen. An unrestrained Democratic Party majority is a recipe for disaster, I feel.

I will pray for Obama and support his efforts for what is good and right. Likewise, using my “of the people” rights as an American, I will oppose what is wrong.  I will continue to call for the protection of unborn babies (including helping their parents), the recognition of marriage as a covenant between one man and one woman only, and the right to keep and bear arms. On these there can be no compromise.

I recognize the historic nature of this election and tomorrow’s inauguration and rejoice in a nation that was able to overlook race. I never doubted that we would reach that place as a people. I am saddened, though, that in this historic process, as a people we also overlooked traditional moral values and expressed a willingness to trample on the weak among us.

3 thoughts on “Prediction: Economic News Will Be Reported More Positively After January 20”

  1. I predict your prediction will be absolutely correct.

    Funny how there’s so little discussion about how this inauguration is costing three times the amount of the 2004 event, with the greatest “contributions” coming from the financial industry (you know, the folks receiving the first bailout). In 2004 the cries of wasting money at a time of economic distress were overwhelming; now, when economic times are even worse, there isn’t even a whisper.

    There’s also been no coverage on the fact that Obama’s plan to offer a $3000 tax credit to employers for each new job created was vetoed by the Democratic party leaders. Obama simply answered “okay”; he’s such a good puppet! It’s the first of many campaign promises to die, but certainly not the last.

    The next two years will be very interesting.

  2. The press delighted in “reporting” what went wrong on President Bush’s “watch”.

    I wait in anticipation to watch the evening news to hear the stock market tumbling today being attributed to President Obama’s “watch”.

  3. While the proposed economic stimulus package will result in many new jobs, the latest estimate is that each new job will cost $220,000 to create. Funny how no one is talking about all the pork scattered amongst the $850 billion. So much for transparency!

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