Would Obama Like Obama-Style Redistribution of Wealth?

Here’s an insightful political cartoon by Rick McKee that a Ponderstorm reader sent me. It does a great job of putting Barack Obama’s socialistic income redistribution notion into perspective.

As the rich candidate, would Barack Obama want his “spread the wealth around” scheme applied to his campaign contributions? What do you think? Should the government force the successful Barack Obama to share his campaign contributions with John McCain who is behind on fundraising? Wouldn’t that give John McCain a chance at success just like Barack Obama told ‘Joe the Plumber’ he wanted to do for those who earned less? (Click image to enlarge.)

1 thought on “Would Obama Like Obama-Style Redistribution of Wealth?”

  1. I think we should make all the students who voted for Nobama put their GPA’s in a pool and divide it equally between all of them. So what if they worked hard for an “A” when the next student just got a “D.” Maybe that means no one graduates with honors, but no one flunks out either. Sounds Obama-fair to me!

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