5 Reasons Why ‘Joe the Plumber’ Resonates with Americans

Last night during the 3rd Presidential debate we heard ‘Joe the Plumber’ (AKA Joe Wurzelbacher of Holland, OH) mentioned 26 times. It seems that his questions of Senator Obama’s tax policy struck a chord with many middle class Americans, especially once Obama stated that he wanted to “spread the wealth around” through tax policy.

Who is ‘Joe the Plumber’ and why has he become an American icon for Senator McCain so many middle class voters? Here is a brief introduction from Toledo, Ohio CBS reporter Jennifer Boresz:

Updated: CBS disabled embedding this video but you can watch it here.

Following the Presidential debate the following candid comments from Joe Wurzelbacher were recorded.


I think ‘Joe the Plumber’ resonates with many middle class Americans for the following five reasons:

  1. ‘Joe the Plumber’ is a hard-working ‘regular guy’ in pursuit of the American Dream.
  2. ‘Joe the Plumber’ is not ostentatious and millions can relate to him and his daily struggles.
  3. ‘Joe the Plumber’ appears to hold traditional values — family, frugality and self-reliance.
  4. ‘Joe the Plumber’ is against government intrusion and a sense of entitlement.
  5. ‘Joe the Plumber’ believes in individual responsibility and opposes big government socialism.

4 thoughts on “5 Reasons Why ‘Joe the Plumber’ Resonates with Americans”

  1. I think “Joe the Plummer” summoned up the debate very well. We should be looking at what the candidates say, not how they say it.

  2. Joe is a wonder “everyman.” I’m so glad he had the opportunity to actually ask and say what so many of us have wanted to with Obama. Fortunately he’s a strong enough person to handle the onslaught of repercussions from those determined to destroy all opposition. Kudos to Joe!

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