ACORN Fraud Means Election Ink Needed to Safeguard US Election

After being subjected to years of fraudulent “voter” registrations (more, more and more) conducted by radical left-wing groups like ACORN, Americans are now forced to take additional steps to protect the integrity of our electoral process. However, with the 2008 Presidential election just three weeks away there is simply not enough time to check and validate voter rolls sufficiently to purge them of all deceased people, duplicate names, fictitious persons (ACORN attempted to register Mickey Mouse in Florida this summer) and errors that have in many cases been deliberately injected into our system by those who want to throw the election for radicals like Barack Obama (who is closely associated with ACORN).

Fortunately, there is a simple but effective measure that would go a long way in protecting the integrity of our election process and ensure the one person one vote principle is honored. As Americans, we need to borrow an innovation used successfully in recent elections in Iraq, Afghanistan and several other nations. We need to employ election ink.

Election ink is a semi-permanent dye or stain that is applied to a finger or thumb after voting to prevent electoral fraud, namely double voting. The process is quick, inexpensive and almost impossible to circumvent. While requiring election ink would do nothing to prevent fraudulent and illegal voters from casting ballots in the first place, It would effectively prevent illegal multiple votes within or across electoral districts.

It’s a shame that such a step is needed within the United States; however, we must act defensively because efforts are underway to stuff our ballot boxes with fraudulent “votes” and sway the election against the will of the people.  We must protect the integrity of our elections or the results will be held in suspicion. Frankly, given the absence of meaningful voter ID requirements, we should have adopted election ink years ago in my opinion.

Please join me in demanding that election ink be required for all voters on November 4th.

[Please see the Florida voter registration form for Mickey Mouse below. It had an ACORN stamp on it.]

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