Innovation, Creativity and My McCippah

Last month on my company blog I wrote about the power of a creative idea matched with a little innovation and a lot of entrepreneurial effort. The creative effort I highlighted resulted in, a site that sells political yarmulkes or kippahs. Their flagship products are the Obamica and the McCippah. They also have a line of kippahs for the prospective first ladies.

I know the founder of this company, Shmuly Tennenhaus, and can tell you he is incredibly creative, innovative and funny.  Since I had expressed so much enthusiasm about his business idea and blogged about it, he offered to send me a McCippah. I thankfully accepted and have been spotted wearing it on quite a few occasions since receiving it last week.

Tennenhaus was also our guest on the weekly Red Hat Blue Hat podcast of which I am a regular commentator. This week’s podcast is entitled John McCain vs. Barack Obama: Battle of the Kippahs and is much more light-hearted than usual. Interestingly, Tennenhaus reveals which kippah is selling better (the answer might surprise you).

My point of this post is to share some fluffy news on a more personal level. I hope it encourages people to pursue their innovations and aim to be upwardly mobile. Innovation, creativity and hard work can take you all the way to the top.

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