20 Solutions for the American Economy in 2009

American Solutions, in partnership with the Nationwide Tea Party Coalition, is sponsoring nationwide Tax Day Tea Parties for April 15, 2009. The purpose is to “communicate our anger and opposition to the irresponsible policies of politicians in Washington who have failed to solve problems.” American Solutions continues: “More importantly however, […]

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Five Ponderings on the Massive Federal Bailouts

In my opinion, after the recent massive financial bailouts and other interventionist federal actions (and in some cases nationalizations) within our economy (i.e. the private sector), several pressing questions remain unanswered. I have been pondering on five of them for some time now. These are listed below in no apparent […]

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A Warning About the Socialistic Economic Bailout

Let me clearly state that I don’t like or approve of the recent federal intervention in the United States economy. Government policy over the past three decades, pushed to extremes by left-leaning and radical groups like ACORN and using the Community Reinvestment Act, created the corrupt lending environment that was […]

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