Graphic Depiction of Inefficient Government “Work”

Someone emailed me this image yesterday. It is entitled “Government Snow Plow” and includes the caption “Designed by the same people designing the health care reform” below the image. I think this picture cleverly depicts the often staggeringly inefficient results of non-market-based interventions within our economy. Over time a truly free market weeds out most […]

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Taxpayer-Funded Government Propaganda Pushing Healthcare Reform (Takeover)

Most Ponderstorm readers already know that our taxpayer-funded federal government is abusing its power. What I share below is a blatant example of such abuse of taxpayer funds. In short, I’m about to show you an actual piece of propaganda by the United States government and funded by the American taxpayer. It shamelessly and openly […]

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Republican TV Spot for Local Candidates

Many Ponderstorm readers know that I’m running for office in Starkville. Election day is June 2. We all know that many people make up their minds in the last three days before they vote. With that in mind, the local Republican Party Executive Committee funded a quick television campaign to provide a unifying message and […]

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