Ron Paul’s Virginia Tea Party Speech

Rep. Ron Paul (R-TX) spoke to the Virginia Tea Party Patriots Convention on October 9, 2010 and delivered an powerful speech about patriotism, the economic crisis, free market economics, the Constitution, and many other current issues impacting our government.

Key quotes from Ron Paul in this 22 minute speech include the following:

  • Patriot — “an individual who is willing to stand up against one’s own government when the government is wrong”
  • “The economic system that we are suffering from is not free markets — it’s Keynesian intervention, inflationism driven by a Federal Reserve that we need to get rid of.”
  • “The government a people get is a government they deserve. . . When the majority of the people change their sentiment governments will change.”
  • “The role of government ought to be there to protect our liberties . . . to provide a strong national defense . . . to give us a sound currency . . .”
  • “I would believe in freedom and free markets if it did not produce greater wealth. But we who believe in freedom, we don’ even have to argue that because history is on our side. History proved: the freer the market, the sounder the money, the greater prosperity, and the more people that can enjoy it.”
  • “The belief in liberty is growing by leaps and bounds.”

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