Are we headed for another civil war?

On Personal Liberty Digest Brandon Smith asks if America is deliberately being pushed toward civil war. He builds a case that both conservatives and liberals are being set up in ways they make it easy to blame the other side. However, Smith feels that this setup is so blatant and forced that it must be manipulated by elites intent on restructuring the nation.

Before proceeding to build his case, Smith asks:

Has a second civil war been “gamed” by our government? And are Americans being swindled into fighting and killing each other while the banksters who created the mess observe at their leisure, waiting until the dust settles to return to the scene and collect their prize? Here are some examples of how both sides of the false left/right paradigm are being goaded into turning on each other.

What think you? Is American being deliberately pushed toward civil war? If so, is there anything that can be done to thwart “their” plans?

Image credit – Dreamstime

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