Monthly Archives: May 2010

Guest Post: Red River Flood

This guest post was originally published on PonderPost on March 29, 2009 by Tim Jones. It is reprinted here with permission due to the changing mission of I was born and grew up in the Red River valley (that’s Red River of the north) in Breckenridge and Moorhead, Minnesota. […]

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Reprint: Yes, With Obama We Got Change

This article of mine was originally published on PonderPost on April 18, 2009. With the coming relaunch of PonderPost, this post is being republished here so you can see if anything has changed for the better in the past year. I suggest if anything we are much worse off. During […]

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Guest Post: Gay Marriage = Money Grab

This is a guest post by Tim Jones that originally appeared on PonderPost. It was published on May 11, 2009 and is republished her with the permission of Tim Jones since PonderPost is being restructured for a future relaunch. I live in Florida and know a few gay couples that […]

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