Bobby Jindal and the Republican Response

Last night I watched Bobby Jindal give the Republican Response to the State of the Union. I like Bobby Jindal and I liked his message. He is a good leader who has done great things already and has incredible potential.

Unlike the opinions of many TV talking heads and analysts, I think Governor Jindal did reasonably well for such an artificial setting. In fairness, he did not shine to his potential; however, his performance was no worse than many other governors before him in previous years and was better than many. The audio quality was poor which was no fault of his own.

So, with the above in mind, why did the Republican Party allow him to be subjected to such an artificial situation? Why not put him on a stage flanked by American flags and with a crowded room of fans who would interrupt with applause lines? Why did the Republican Party not think about minimizing the contrast between the President’s amazing State of the Union setting and the almost sterile environment of the Republican Response?

I am ashamed that Bobby Jindal had to endure any national ridicule, especially over things exaggerated by aesthetics. His message was good and appropriate but the setting was no match for people who don’t think deeply. More can and should be done in future responses to level the playing field and put Republican candidates in a more favorable light.

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