10 Reasons Why I’m Voting for John McCain

Here are ten of my main reasons for supporting Senator John McCain for President of the United States in 2008.

1. John McCain believes in winning wars.

2. John McCain believes human life and human rights begin at conception.

3. John McCain believes that evil exists and should be confronted.

4. John McCain believes in putting our country first over special interests.

5. John McCain believes in cutting spending.

6. John McCain believes in lowering taxes.

7. John McCain believes nobody should be punished for their income or success.

8. John McCain believes that marriage is between one man and one woman.

9. John McCain believes in appointing strict constructionist to the federal courts.

10. John McCain believes in letting the American people live without excessive government intervention.

5 thoughts on “10 Reasons Why I’m Voting for John McCain”

  1. 1. John McCain is either unable or unwiling to define what “victory” in Iraq means.

    2. John McCain believes human life and human rights begin at conception, and end when the child leaves the womb.

    3. John McCain has the moral understanding of a 13-year old. He has an adolescent approach to “good” and “evil”.

    4. John McCain values lobbyists more than any other workers in our country. That’s why he employs so many of them on his staff.

    5. John McCain believes in cutting the spending for programs that help poor people, and giving tax breaks to the wealthy.

    6. John McCain lowers taxes for the wealthiest 5%, and leaves the bottom 40% to suffer.

    7. John McCain belives no one should have to suffer for their success and wealth, no matter how ill-gotten their gains have been.
    John McCain believes that the suffering of the wealthy carries more weight than that of the poor.

    8. John McCain believes marriage is between John McCain and whatever young thing he wants to have sex with.

    9. John McCain doesn’t know what a “strict constructionist” is, and his running mate doesn’t know hwat the Supreme Court does.

    10. John McCain believes in excessive intervention of the US Government into other nations’ affairs, but doesn’t want to upset the status quo in the US. He believes things are going along just fine as they are.

  2. I was wondering if Merge Divided had any proof for his/her 10 reasons. I think #2, among others, is ridicules. After all it is John McCain, not Obama, who actually cares about our Senior Citizens as far as I can see. He has never said anything to make me think he does not value life at any age.
    I would, however, love to hear any facts that you have to back your 10 reasons up.

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