John McCain on a Jones Soda Bottle at BlogWorld

Pure McCain Cola Over this past weekend I attended BlogWorld Expo in Las Vegas. It was a very interesting conference and I came away with a new excitement about blogging. I met a lot of bloggers including conservative blogger La Shawn Barber of La Shawn Barber’s Corner.

One of the sponsors of BlogWorld was Jones Soda. Jones Soda lets you upload your own digital photos to them and they’ll print them on one or more of their many unique flavors of soda. As a BlogWorld presenter I was able to take advantage of the well-stocked refrigerator in the speaker room. Jones Soda also had several more refrigerators full on the exhibit floor.

On the left I have a picture of one bottle of Jones Soda that I brough back for my political collection.  It’s Pure McCain Cola and depicts John McCain’s photo on a patriotic backdrop. Also seen at BlogWorld were Jones Soda bottles with photos of Hillary Clinton, Ron Paul and Barack Obama.

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