Megyn Kelly Grills US Weekly Editor Bradley Jacobs

US Weekly is in hot water over a misleading magazine cover about Sarah Palin titled “Babies, Lies & Scandal.” Megyn Kelly of FoxNews talks to senior US Weekly editor Bradley Jacobs about this story and why it sounds like an attack instead of a fair and balanced article. She asks him what “lies” they are talking about.  Watch and tell me if that’s now how a news reporter should hold a biased reporter’s feet to the fire. Way to go, Ms. Kelly!


2 thoughts on “Megyn Kelly Grills US Weekly Editor Bradley Jacobs”

  1. lol This scumbag is a editor? He can’t even put together a sentence properly on national tv. 🙂 He says “Actually” after every other word and that shows his lack of confidence in fornt of our own Kelly 🙂
    I can’t stop laughing on this stupid Bradley what ever his last name is 🙂

    Go get a life dude! Pitty u.

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