Favorite Political Websites

The other day a friend asked me about where I find political information related to news and politics in Mississippi. I pointed her to a few online sources that I use as starting points. Some I check daily.


For national and often international news (especially regarding the United Kindgom and Israel) I check the Drudge Report. It auto-refreshes about every 15 minutes to keep the headlines updated. In addition to headline-linked articles at major newspaper and media outlets worldwide, many news stories are first broken by editor Matt Drudge. In many ways Drudge now drives many of the stories that are later reported elsewhere. There is also a mobile device version at iDrudgeReport.com that I also use.


Like the Drudge Report is for national and international news headlines and breaking stories, the Magnolia Report is for Mississippi news and politics. This site seems to be updated once per day and has a lot of news and commentary on the Legislature and state government.

I also like the Red/Blue blog at The Clarion Ledger. It features commentary by Jere Nash (blue/liberal) and Andy Taggart (red/conservative). These gentlemen co-authored the 2006 book entitled Mississippi Politics: The Struggle for Power, 1976-2006. The Clarion Ledger is the state’s largest newspaper and also has a mobile device version of their website.

For think tank studies and analysis relating to Mississippi and coming from a limited government and family-values perspective, I refer to the Mississippi Center for Public Policy.

I know there are other sources of good information and commentary; however, these are the ones I currently use as starting points. Please share your suggestions in the comments section below.

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