Mississippi Lands $1.3B Toyota Plant

Today Toyota executives and state officials announced that Mississippi would be the location for Toyota’s eighth U.S. manufacturing plant. As a lifelong resident of Mississippi I am very pleased with this decision. I am more even more pleased, though, with one of the reasons given for why my state was chosen

Al Gore’s ‘Inconvenient Truth’ about His Energy Consumption

In my last post (yesterday) I argued that Al Gore’s hypocrisy was destroying what little bit of his credibility remained. Well today I read a press release from the Tennessee Center for Policy Research about Gore’s home energy usage and it shocked me. Gore’s household used more than 20 times the national average in 2006! …

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Political Season Starting Early This Year?

With more than 20 months to go before the 2008 Presidential election, we already have a surprisingly large slate of candidates in both parties. I think Karl Rove is right, though, in saying it’s way too soon to start campaigning. I’m convinced many of these candidates will peak too early for